Hello all! So we’re finally married, alhamdulillah ūüôā So many things happened before, during and after the wedding which has made us so busy and we’ve yet to catch our breath to pen down our thoughts. I’m now at the cancer centre with my ma and hubs (hehe) for my ma’s weekly check up. Will update when I can. Till then!

Going nuts

As the title states, that is how I’m feeling right now. I’m actually pretty much done with most things and my friends just came by today to finalise the dulangs but my mum dropped a bomb on me a few days ago. She whipped out the “adat card” that saw us going into a screaming match. ¬†

She has been whipping up all the adat cards and throwing them in my face throughout this wedding journey but this recent one was a killer and it is the sireh latlat. She is so insistent that I have to include this in my wedding even when she knows how I don’t want a dulang of baju or food on my trays. But she insisted like nobody’s business and obviously I have to give in.¬†

I mean if you give me a proper explanation like how it ties in with our religious beliefs or whatever then maybe I’d consider but you keep saying it’s adat.¬†

I’m quite upset actually. If I ever have kids and they were to get married, ¬†remind me not to impose my wants to them like this.¬†

Life and Death

Idk how to start this so pardon me for the lack of a better post starter. This came as a shock to my family but my dad passed away on Saturday morning – somewhere between midnight and 1 am. I knew my weekends were gg to be packed to the brim as the day was drawing near but I rly did not expect this. I’m so tired of repeating what happened but in short, he had always been sick but his will power to live was stronger. I guess it was just his time. But I’m at peace knowing that he isn’t suffering anymore. He looked like he was sleeping and he even had a smile on his face. I was rly ready for him to wake up and say, “gotcha!” Long shot. Hahaha.¬†

Anyway, idk about other people and I don’t mean to offend anyone who does these things but who in their right mind passes a wedding invitation to my mother, MY MOTHER, at a time like that. We got two. My mum passed it to me and I glanced and it and threw it on the cabinet. Nasib aku tk buang dlm tong sampah.¬†Another thing was, somerandom makcik came up to me and said, “jangan kahwin dulu. Tunggu 100 hari.” ¬†In the first place, you’re not that close to my family which means you’re not invited. Secondly, none of my close relatives even mentioned about postponing it. In fact, they said carry on but we shall not make in so meriah in light of our current situation. Also, 7 days ke 40 days ke 100 days ke, yang da takde tetap takde. I rly don’t believe in this brape hari thingy. No offence to anyone who does. Lagi pun, ¬†some of the cards are out, payments almost all done, everything booked so cik nak kluar kan duit lagi in order to postpone? Tk kan. Tsk. Oh and one last thing, I was in tears and this makcik came up to me and talked about my weight. Cik, you’re striked off my list. Mulut tolong zip or jahit or smth. I’m rly thankful my parents brought me up to respect elders kalau tk the raging minah in me would have come out and gave you a tongue lashing.¬†

Now that’s off my chest, I’m rly thankful for all the love my family is surrounded with by the people who rly matters. They helped so much and I can never repay them. All I hope now is that my dad is in a better place, insya’allah.¬†

ROMM checked!

Hello all! As my title suggests, we’ve gone for our ROMM interview. I was a bundle of nerves but my fianc√© was so calm probably bcuz I was the one who was gg to talk and raise up an issue that we had. But I think a year at the drama school paid off bcuz I probably had the saddest face in the entire universe while raising up a matter to the Kadi. (Okay kidding I was genuinely worried and stressed)¬†

Anyway, I think if you have no problems or issues to raise up there rly isn’t a need to be anxious, worried or nervous bcuz it rly was like a walk in the park. my fianc√© was in and out in the blink of an eye, figuratively speaking of course. Or maybe we were the last few to be interviewed and it was close to noon so they probably wanted to go for their lunch hahaha. So yeah, there isn’t a need to worry about the romm interview. Instead, worry about other things bcuz I’m left with 80 dayz! ¬†Till the next time!¬†


Hi, everyone! It’s been quite a busy month. Was looking at my wedding countdown widget and we’re left with 90 days! I’m kind of glad that we’ve accomplished a few things over the past few weekends.

Firstly, we got my room painted. It’s no longer red but I must say I was quite surprised that lighter colours gives the illusion of a bigger room. And we bought a cupboard from ikea at quite a reasonable price too. Also, just ytd my fiance and I decided to get a new bed. We were hunting for one that had storage underneath and something not too pricey. We’ve gone from The Furniture Mall at Jurong to IMM to ikea and then to defu lane but everything exceeded our budget. Instead of surveying at other places, we kind of gave up so we went to have lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. Off the record, ¬†the spicy baked fish was awesome. It was baked with the spicy seafood dip i think and at MFM, that dip is my favourite. I think it’s new on the menu bcuz I’ve not seen it before.¬†

Okay anyway, while waiting for our lunch to be served, Hazmi showed me a picture of a newspaper advert for beds at Genting Road. It was within our budget so after lunch we decided to go over. And…we bought it. We found the bed frame we wanted. The one where you had to push your bed up and the storage is underneath. Plus they were having a promotion so we got the bed frame and mattress at a good price. The guy also threw in free delivery for us this month. So yay!

BUT my aunt found out and lost it. She nagged at how we’re not supposed to get it till like a week before the wedding but srsly, the week before the wedding is so hectic. She kept gg how adat is I’m not supposed to sleep on the bed till we’re married. Did anyone else ¬†go through this? Do tell me.

Next, we finally booked our venues. Hazmi didn’t have any problem with his but I had. I made a Plan A and Plan B venue and guess what, both venues were booked! Apparently there were people who queued earlier than my uncle who helped me with the booking. But fortunately, there were a couple of linkways in that vicinity. Although it is a bit further but I’m just thankful that there’s a place. Also, I was concerned about us having to give up our space in the event of a funeral so I read through the terms and conditions and there was no such clause. I read a few times and didn’t see it. SoI thought it was an unwritten rule but when I checked with other people, they mentioned that that rule was written in their T & C. Would you ladies mind sharing with me if yours had such a rule. Thank you!¬†

That’s all for now. Till the next time!¬†




I am very angry right now cuz I typed a long ass post but it disappeared. Ugh. So please understand if it takes you some time to digest. Okay so let’s get down to it.

Body/weight issues. Yes I am gg to talk about that. Not that I have much of an issue with my body (I’m beyond the ideal weight fyi) sans the flabby here and there that all women have to deal with unless you’re super toned in which case, I’m jealous.

I’m rly annoyed with people who keep commenting on how a person (by person I mean, us girls cuz the guys weight/body doesn’t matter pfft) needs to go on a diet because she’s getting married. Like as if that’s not enough, they add insult to it such as, “nanti pelamin senget la” or “muat tak baju mak andam?”.

I’m speaking from personal experience bcuz I get this a lot but recently it’s like a tsunami of comments that just doesn’t stop. It didn’t bother me much at first cuz I used to brush it off but it’s like the more I kept quiet, the more these people hurled these horrible stuff at me.

And rly, don’t tell me I have to work out bcuz I have been doing so. It’s just that I don’t brag about it like every Tom,Dick and Jane and like my emotions, my weight fluctuates. I wish these people would stop. I rly rly wish they would. But I’ve got to thank my older cousin who stood up for me when these people kept on poking their fingers at me. She said, “ala dia gini je da lawa.” Which pretty much shut them up. For a while at least.

Till the next post in which I hope will be a happy one. (This is probably the stress getting to me)

K bye.

I’m still alive!

Hi everyone! So I finally got round to not being lazy and clicking on the “create new post” button. In all honesty, I’ve not done much this month despite the amount of time I have on my hands. Well, I’ve gone window shopping but I can’t purchase them as of now cuz my aunt insists that I can’t sleep on the new bed and that I have to wait for our first night (-.-) So we figured to only continue our hunt for the furniture in our new room in March. No point recceing it now right? Nanti price tukar how?¬†

That aside, ¬†let’s talk about the kursus rumah tangga that we attended. It was pretty much like a motivational talk that incorporated marriage advices and there were some important take aways from it. Despite it being draggy (VERY UNCOMFORTABLE CHAIRS) I did benefit from it and I think my fiance would say the same thing too. Also, I was with a group of fun ladies and we laughed quite a fair bit. Oh and the food was good. That’s really important for a 2 full day course. When we were presented with the certs, I had a very strong urge to run to the front and Hi 5 the cikgu but we were in a mosque so must behave. All in all, it was really beneficial for any serious committed couple.¬†

Next, I’d like to announce how I lost in the battle of getting berkats from +65. So I had a short break across the border and found something which was prepacked and sensible. My mum approved so that’s pretty much settled. Now for the travelling and being stuck in the jam. But I’ll think about that later.¬†

Lastly, because my eyes are giving up on me (it’s almost 2 in the a.m!!), I went to Arab St with my MOH and hunted for kain for my bridesmaids. I really hope i can meet them next month to get it and send for tailoring. It’s so hard to meet all six of them together. Ade yang keje shift, ade yang busy with the opening of their store and one is happily travelling. But I hope the plans in January will happen cuz I want my girls to look awesome too.¬†

Gonna end this abruptly cuz da take bole tahan oh. Good night, or good morning! 

Infinite X’s and o’s!

I need a list of list

Hello everyone!

I’ve been so swamped with work hence the hiatus. I bet teachers everywhere felt my pain. End of year madness drives us up the wall, doesn’t it? Anyway, what have I been up to while lately? Firstly, we’ve booked our Kursus Rumah Tangga. It was really impromptu. A friend of mine who happens to be a February bride texted me and wanted to go for the kursus together so we taught why not. At least it would be more fun right? So yeah…it’s booked and we’re going this weekend at Masjid En-Naeem. I can hear my fiance jumping for joy because it’s a stone’s throw away from his house… which only means it’s ridiculously far for me. Tsk.

Also, we met up with Katt last week at her tailor. I cannot wait to see and try on the beautiful babies. Hehe. Another thing that I’ve been doing is liasing with Irma from Spinsugar Stationery for my wedding invites. (So thankful for talented friends) My aunt wanted me to DIY the invites but honestly, there is no way in hell that I’m travelling back and forth and searching for good printers and good quality papers etc.

Next, I’ve been looking for wedding favours for my side. My fiance has settled (bought and wrapped) his whereas I am still sourcing for them. My ma keeps insisting on getting stuff from JB but all that money spent on travelling to and fro should be put to other use instead right? You feel me? So I’m still trying to convince my ma. I’ve shown her some stuff which costs a little over a buck each but all she does is bring up how stuff from JB would cost about 30 cents. And when I tell her that that price isn’t inclusive of the packaging and all the man hours clocked in to pack it, she ignores me. HOW LA HOW. Looks like I need more luck.

Next, I’m meeting up with the caterer who is my aunt’s friend and did my brother’s wedding as well. I hope in all hopes things will be finalised soon. I need a peace of mind. And lastly, the dulangs and bedroom decor will be done by the very talented crafty duo who are my friends, Ain and AK, and they have warned me to not talk to them about this till after our friend’s wedding in December because they’re doing it for her too. Lemme see…is there anything else that I’ve missed? Oh ya, I need to clean my room. Anyone wants to help? Hahaha but in all seriousness, if there is anything that you think I might have missed out, do let me know. I’m a bit of everywhere most of the time. Planners don’t help, trust me.

Infinite x’s and o’s!

Financial woes.

Hey everybody! So I’ve finally applied for my 15 days worth of leave this end of November and December. I guess it’s rly worth working throughout the june school holiday cuz come dec will be the 6 months countdown to the big day (OMG!!) and I’ll probably have a million and ten things to do then. I better start doing a check list.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to talk about how I had a meltdown ytd. Is it too early for all this? Hahaha. So I was out with my fianc√© and I had planned on restocking my make up. All I needed was my loose powder and lipstick which wouldn’t cause much of a hole in my pocket but then I remembered that I had planned on doing smth with my hair. And that was when it started. I had to recalculate my finances and I just cried.

You might think a haircut and treatment wouldn’t be so bad but you know, after giving my ma money for the household bills and her expenses, setting aside money for the wedding and for my own expenses, I’m pretty much left with stretching myself till the next pay. And I guess what rly got to me was how I couldn’t spend my money as I wish; that I had to weigh my options and priorities.

It’s times like these that I wish the ECE industry would pay us more. Sigh. Or maybe I wish we could elope. Or maybe we could do away with all the unnecessary traditional stuff that’s causing a bottomless hole in my pocket but that’s just wishful thinking on my part. Hahahaha.

Anyway, problem’s solved thanks to my knight in shining armour or soldier in green rather. Sacrifice a bit now and live easier later. That’s what he said but you know when you’re upset you can’t think clearly. But now that I can think clearly, I shall repeat that to myself like a mantra. Hahaha. Till the next meltdown!


Lesson of the day: Never read other BTBs blogs when you can’t sleep. Because when you do finally get to sleep, you get nightmares.

I woke up at 4am to a creepy ghost related dream. So while trying to not think about it, I read other BTB blogs. When I did fall asleep, I dreamt my wedding wasn’t executed properly. I dreamt the decor sucked balls, the pelamin was in ruins, my bouquet wasn’t what I wanted AND I forgot to give out my invitation cards. I cried in my dream and when I woke up, I rly wanted to cry. But thank God it was just a horrible dream.

Anyway, I haven’t been updating much because the school term is coming to an end and I am a preschool teacher. Hence, I’m swamped with portfolios, carnivals and field trips. Thank goodness I’m free from Graduation responsibilities. I can’t wait for the December school holidays though. Not that I’m going for a break, but at least I can use that time to focus on the wedding preps. Till then!